The New Kingdom of America

America’s democracy is ruined by the corruption of politicians and the addiction to power by very rich elitists who wish to control everyone they can and destroy everyone they can’t. The country is torn apart by ideological and partisan fanaticism to the point five separatist groups form in an attempt to secede from the United States.

But unlike Abraham Lincoln in the days of the Confederates and a North versus South battle for preservation of the union, America’s last president was too weak to muster any relevant strategy to unite the fracturing states. As a result, the United States plunges into its second civil war, with five different groups of states fighting for their own sovereignty. The president empowers General Asilas Roman to put together a strategy and reunite the country before descending into oblivion.

The war rages for nearly two years before it ends in a bloody series of high level assassinations. For the citizens of the country, simply ending the war at any cost was the only acceptable outcome. Every major city in every state was suffering from the war and millions of Americans lay dead. It was the most devastating, crushing loss of life people had ever seen on American soil. General Asilas Roman put an end to the war and was celebrated in the streets for many days on end.

While people were celebrating, a great shift in the government was taking place. Unbeknownst to the public, all of the senators and congressmen were arrested and taken to undisclosed locations (and later murdered). While the elation of the end of the war was setting in, a transfer of power was happening that would change America forever. The president spoke to the people late one evening to inform them he would no longer be president. The country would change to a monarchy and General Asilas Roman would become “King Asilas.”

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Although the notion of a king was confusing at first, it was the reality democracy in America was now gone that struck many people as they took their frustrations and disagreements to the streets. Unlike the days of free speech, King Asilas did not have to answer to a constitution and understood very early on he could not be perceived as weak. Protesters and dissidents were arrested, punished harshly or simple murdered in the streets until order was restored. Eventually, the public accepted King Asilas and the new America. They accepted it all when life began changing as more and more people found themselves wealthier and healthier than they ever were before. Most learned to love the king and would fight to defend the kingdom to the death. And America became the most powerful nation the world had ever seen.

There was a cost for this prosperity. There were many secrets kept from the public. The king had to protect the nation not just from its human enemies, but from non-human enemies as well. This is the story about the darkness that exists in the shadows of power. The men and women who deceive the people of the world with the use of distractions, such as the wielding of power by a king or a government, do so with the most horrifying intentions. When King Asilas learned he was a pawn in this sinister and ancient plot, he turned the tides and engages in a battle for his country and his soul.

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23 thoughts on “The New Kingdom of America

    1. Send over what I need to recite! I’ll be sure to get back to ya asap and to see if you find my voice fit in order to move forward! 🤙🏽


    2. I would love to be a voice on the podcast. Please send me the necessary information and I will gladly fill out all required paperwork and submit a voice recording or whichever is needed to apply


  1. I have listened with great interest.You are still in need of voices.
    There are no voices of the people,no conflicting arguments.I have lived in the united kingdom for many years.Also the middle east and now America.
    Definately voices are needed


  2. Hey I’m excited to be working with y’all. I’m honored that you guys have chosen a song from my newest album “Elevate”. I hope my song “Take this pain away” along side your podcast will move people in an all new way. I’m really interested in seeing how it’s going to go together cause when I was writing the album I had a big inspiration that it was for bigger and better things. I look forward to listening to the podcast and us working together in the future.

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  3. I sent an email to you. Kudos for the audio theatre concept!
    I sent attachments of the one I did for a novel a few years ago.
    Thanks, looking forward to listening to more.
    F Ed Knutson


  4. I need to know what the song is called that is featured at the end of episode one. It’s softly playing in the background while the king amd the president are talking and it’s not listed in any of the shownotes.


    1. Hi. Yes, it’s mentioned in the end credits and it is listed on our website. The song is titled “Impossible Bottle” by Signal to Noise ( Thanks for your comment!


      1. Thank you!
        I heard it at the very end of the episode but only after I had posted my comment.
        Of course I was just too impatient to finish the episode first.


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