What “They” Are Saying

Nice review written about the show published in MD Theatre Guide. Read it HERE.

@EmptyPodcast: “One last is with the US in the grip of civil war they elect a King, who the seeks world domination. Will he succeed or fail? Binge the entire first series now”

@Jack_Tracer: “From TwitterFor we recommend checking out ! A great dystopian audio drama performed wonderfully by

@PerryJohnson77: “For real. Go listen to it’s super!!! Rate and review them. It’s a very complex story that dives into religion and politics. Two topics I usually run from. This is very very very good!!!”

@NeverShutsUp07: “It’s still so everyone should do what l just did and binge it’s an incredible show and I couldn’t stop listening after I started even though the way they talk about isn’t great I think it was fantastic

@EmptyPodcast “Looking forward to @kingasilas E5 coming New Year’s! Also pumped for @thespaceward and their next episode! Both have such rich universes to be explored!”

@relevant_source “Listened to all four episodes. It’s actually really good. Looking forward to listening to episode 5.”

@desdymona “thanks for hitting me up. The show is super intriguing and it’s great to see fellow teachers doing something so creative and cool in their free time. Keep it up I am sure each of you is such an inspiration to your students.”

@DaRealChrisLove “I just finished the 3rd episode and the show is great. There is one big problem though… WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE.”

@TomorrowTheatre “Hey everyone this is pretty good. Check it out. Solid mixing and acting!”

@Cult_of_Trash “It was so good! The demon stuff through me for a bit of a loop but I can’t wait to hear more!”

@urbanbaboon “@kingasilas you followed me, got me to listen to the first episode. I liked it, congratulations, you won.”

@EmptyPodcast “We listened to the pilot of @kingasilas today! If you’re looking for a different take on the American future, check them out!”

@AudiotainmntNws “Thank you, and I enjoyed the show!”

From iTunes

Sooo good “What an engaging podcast and story! It’s so good it keeps you coming back for more and more. Keep it up. ~Abpfinance

Awesome “Word(s) don’t do this justice, but I’m going to try. What more could you want from a podcast and a story podcast? It is engaging, intense and interesting. The narrator has a fantastic voice. I’ve never listened to any “story” podcasts, but I’m hooked. Keep up the good work! ~warswick

Epic! “Absolutely phenomenal! Loved every minute! Historic and had me on the edge of my seat! The sound effects are incredible! ~Riddikuluspatronus1

AlonePodcast Recommends! “Holy s*^t this show is awesome. 3 episodes in and I’m hooked. From the script, voice acting, background music and ultimately the story (one that strikes me a plausible and in the frame of mind, frightening) are all fantastic. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of this story has in store for me. Keep up the awesome work!” ~Nickrich5737

I want to be king “The best story on the podcastsphere. I want to be the king of the world.” ~bryantherealking

Love it “This is an amazing story. Everyone should listen closely.” ~alexa00100

Well written show “I’m very into this show. Something are creepy and wild but overall an intriguing tale of an American king that’s really something that creeps me out as an idea. But wow just can’t stop listening.” ~jenniferalways

Totally amazing show “I wish I could watch this show. Soooo good.” ~jaylenec

Yahoo this is interesting “Even my young daughter thinks this show is great. The characters are interesting in their dynamics with the king. I especially want to know how Jeremy Oreb develops because it seems the king has given him so much power. I like to speculate as I listen and every time I think I figure something out, the show writers surprise me. I like being surprised.” ~theblur_blur

It’s good “It’s a finely orchestrated show. I highly recommend it.” ~dexy0999

Abigail is cool “I think this is an awesome story.” ~mary_mary13

Good Concept “It’s an interesting direction if they decided to take. I’m enjoying the character development. The title character is intriguing, it’s interesting to watch the manipulation go back-and-forth, he’s not a weak character but he has qualities that make it very interesting to watch. It does have some very Christian points of view, but even in that the characters are portrayed as imperfect people with pretty realistic flaws and shortcomings. The voice actors do a good job, the first couple of episodes were the rapper side but it’s come along quite well. I’m overall enjoying it.” ~Runksmash

Freaky Future “This is a really cool take on the future of America. Asilas is an absolutely fascinating character, and the story is intriguiging! Definitely worth the listen!” ~inkphemeral

The Rise of Mordor in Amer… “Suspense. Lurking evil. Awesome story. White knuckling my phone.” ~Fishbonius

Chillingly delightful! “Episode 6 might be the best episode yet! With its twists and turns ushering a brilliant display of both drama and heart. Each moral symbol carefully crafted in extraordinary detail, hauntingly passionate, leaving not even one character feeling certain of what is to come- This show will leave you wanting more, more, more, more, MORE!”

Compelling  “This is a compelling concept and the show’s atmosphere is well built. Audio dramas!!!!!” ~Planet g159c

Truly great storytelling   “I cannot be convinced that this isn’t a horror podcast. In this podcast we follow the life of King Asilas, the king of the United States. But there is evil lurking at every turn that might stop what he is trying to do. I love this podcast. The writing and acting are really good and I cannot wait for more.” ~Cult_of_Trash

I just discovered this show and I’m e…   “I’m about half way through the first episode and I’m really impressed with the story and the production values. I’ll be listening to this. Great work!” ~ BU55

All Hail King Asilas   “I would not dare leave the king anything less than 5 stars. The king does not tolerate insurgents. The King is amazing and we worship him. Thank you King for making us safe!!! This history of your rise is amazing and super well produced. Thank you. I am subscribed and will be telling your other subjects to listen and be warned. All Hail the King.” ~Perificus25

What Listeners Say on Stitcher!

Fantastically Written!

This production has been one of the few podcasts that has been able to fully hold my attention. I love the writing and the character progression and the whole audio track reminds me of old radio shows me and my mother used to listen to.

10/10 Would recommend to anyone just starting to get into either audio books or podcasts. ~Heather Minty

Compelling stuff.

Just became aware of JV’s project yesterday and as an award-winning filmmaker I aspire to achieve uniqueness and quality. I find both here in JV’s work. I was never bored listening to episode one and look forward to seeing the progression of the series. ~Gregster

Great show/great story so far

When you look at America today, this story could very well reflect our future. The voices are well done, as is the music. This concept takes me back to my childhood when the major source of drama and comedy entertainment was radio. ~Dave T

Great Show!

This is definitely a great show! It’s very interesting and kept my attention. It’s very detailed and when I close my eyes it’s almost as if the scenes are happening in reality. ~Sherita R

Way cool!

I have never listened to a radio drama type show before – this was very interesting and a way cool experience! Good stuff ~Robert Sanchez

Gripping and interesting

This show has me thinking about the future of America. It’s entertaining but thought provoking, too. Very good show. ~Joe Cardosa

Great Talent and Creative Piece!

JV, you are exceptionally talented, and it shows in your amazing production! ~Crarts


I found this show to be very unique and enjoyed listening. ~Olivia P

Engaging and relevant

This podcast is timely, relevant, and really engaging. It is professionally written and develops the characters quite well. Actor’s voices and portrayals are excellent! The content of the podcasts serves as a basis for deep discussion of real issues. I’m excited to see how this develops! ~Becky C