The Rise of King Asilas is the recipient of the 2019 Latin Podcast Awards in the category of “Performing Arts.” Below is a video of creator JV Torres’s response to receiving the trophy.

Listen to the show on Radio Public. Click HERE.

This site will provide background stories, links to podcasts, updates and other relevant information pertaining to “The Rise of King Asilas.”

The Book

The Rise of King Asilas is a story written by JV Torres. The novel is still in production and is due for release in 2021.

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The Podcast

The podcast of “The Rise of King Asilas” is a production of the New Kingdom Radio Theatre, a subsidiary of the JV Myka Publishing Company. The stories explored in the podcast delve into the characters from the novel. Although the podcast provides an overall understanding of the story within the novel, it is also looks at individuals and relationships through dialogues that the novel does not specify. In other words, the podcast goes deeper into the backstories of many of the characters in the novel, while the novel provides a much wider scope into the overall story of Asilas.

The Blog

This site will also host blogs about the characters in the story, discuss the hidden meanings and codes in the podcasts and book, and hopefully clarify any historical and real-life connections to elements of the story. The blog will also provide a platform for fans and enthusiasts to engage in a discussion about the characters and the story.

The Author

JV Torres will routinely manage and engage people on this site. To engage him directly, look him up on Facebook or simply leave a message on this site.

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