Season 6 Episodes (76-90)

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Episode 76: “Ripped to Shreds”

  • King Asilas gives a speech to his human and demon army, revving up the ultimate war with the Son of Man, but is challenged by a skeptical soldier. Cody, JJ and Monica make their way out of the Carolinas and head toward the Grand Castle, but the road is long and perilous. Infighting begins to unravel the war plans in Asilas’s inner circle. Prince Jacob tells Gabriel, Isaac and Britney they should head to Megiddo against the odds to win back the king’s favor, but Isaac is deeply troubled by this notion. Features the song “Animals” by Emblems.
  • Other contributions include: Airborne, “Monster’s Lair” by Darren Curtis, Scott Holmes, Voytek Pavlik, Sergy Cheremisinov, “Knowing Nothing” by Mid Air Machine, Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle. End credits and Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Buzzsprout.

Episode 77: “Forgiveness is God’s Business”

  • Lord Oreb sends Spartans on a mission to infiltrate the angel army base only to find their efforts meeting a horrific fate. Cody and the girls encounter dangers stemming from their need to refuel their vehicle. Jacob is suddenly awakened by the spirit of Queen Rebekah, who gives him an unbelievable piece of advice. Cody and the girls arrive at the Grand Castle and Princess Monica is reunited with Prince Jacob. However, Britney crashes the sweet moment and leaves Monica wondering who this strange woman is with her husband. Tom Novak invited General Sherman to speak live on the radio, but the General has to overcome a hoard of cannibals. Features the song “Wolves” by The Understudies.
  • Other contributions include: “A Secret Within,” “Challenge Accepted,” “I Was Always Right Here,” “The Brotherhood” and “Welcome to my Humble Abode” by Darren Curtis, “Soundtrack” by Like Black Horses, Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle. Produced and engineered by JV Torres, and Mastered by Buzzsprout.

Episode 78: “The Dead Talk”

  • Queen Ana’s plan to attack the angel army from underground ends in an unmitigated disaster that shocks the king to his core. Cody and JJ get comfortable in the castle and realize the princess has all but forgotten about them, but they live it up in Asilas’s throne room. Lord Oreb introduces the king to their upgraded A.I. program, Esther, and they debate whether the program is sentient or not. Lord Hemingway discovers the Drax are near the king’s camp and suspect they wish to barter for the baby. However, Hemingway gets kidnapped by Gabriel, who brings him to Prince Jacob and the others. They make a last ditch proposition, but Hemingway runs back to tell the king. Features the song “The World Must Be Destroyed” by Årabrot.
  • Other contributions include “Melancholy Aftersounds” by Kai Engel, “Princess Cheeseburger” by Komiku, “Levantaran el Vuelo” by Circus Marcus, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle. End credits by Jeff Ellis. Produced and engineered by JV Torres and Mastered by Buzzsprout.

Episode 79: “Baby” (Due for release 12/16/22)

  • Lord Hemingway and Spartan Suarez meet with the Drax Russel hoping to strike a deal for the king’s grandson. Things heat up when Britney strikes a nerve with Princess Monica when Britney’s admiration of Jacob brings unbridled suspicion about her true motives. Queen Ana asserts herself as the absolute commander of the demon army, but in private something dire is happening to the king and she worries of its implications to the war. Asilas considers letting Prince Jacob back into his inner circle, but requests a meeting with Prince Isaac before he’s let back in. Isaac goes reluctantly, unsure of what the king will do to him.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 80: “No Forgiveness” (Due for release 12/25/22)

  • Prince Isaac is once again put before everyone and proclaimed a traitor to the crown. He’s put to a gruesome death, which shocks everyone on the base. Asilas is then visited by the Alpha Omega and the woeful king begs for forgiveness. Afterwards, the king speak with Lord Oreb who tells him all is not lost and to let his remaining son Jacob back into his circle. Hemingway meets with Russel and the Drax make a strange and improbable demand before they are willing to hand over the king’s grandson. In the king’s physical and cognitive ambivalence, he inadvertently kills Hemingway and does one of the most heinous things he’s ever done as king to counter the blunder.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 81: “Switch” (Due for release 1/13/23)

  • Jacob learns of his brother’s fate, but before he could become grief stricken, Princess Monica reveals something emotionally horrendous that makes the prince’s mind go into a tailspin. Beals confronts the king about his insane stunt that ended up costing the Knight Spartan Nabal’s life. The king’s personal physician, Dr. Slaughter, is kidnapped by Gabriel and brought to Jacob to persuade him to help him and the princess get their son back from the Drax. They ask the doctor to literally put his life at risk by smuggling nine vials of the king’s blood for the Drax. He agrees only because it would be a personal favor for Princess Monica, which makes Jacob suspicious of their past together.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 82: “All is Fair in Love and Turmoil” (Due for release 2/3/23)

  • Prince Jacob finds himself back at his father’s side and even training to lead the charge in the war. Esther asserts Princess Monica would be more engaging and the two exchange words. Esther, however, disables the king’s machines and puts the king’s wits to the test. Unbeknownst to the king, Jacob, Dr. Slaughter and Monica try to find the time and the means to make the exchange of exotic elements and the king’s blood in exchange for the baby. Monica accuses Britney of trying to make moves on Jacob in her presence and the drama becomes toxic.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 83: “Blood Deals” (Due for release 2/17/23)

  • Jacob meets with Russel to make the exchange, but not before they exchange words and reveal a bit more about the nature of the human/Drax relationship. Gabriel is asked to go back to the Grand Castle to retrieve a cooling unit before time runs out on the vials of the king’s blood. Cody and JJ are worried about the sounds of cannibals in the castle and have to find a safe place to hide. Jacob gets to training late which causes a stir, especially with the king. Tom Novak’s radio station is surrounded by cannibals and his final call with the king is heartfelt. The king’s machines once again are commandeered and begin attacking the human’s army. The king has no choice to deploy a global EMP.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 84: “A Way Out” (Due for release 3/3/23)

  • Gabriel tells Jacob he will make sure no one in the future forgets about him or his father. Monica goes psycho on Britney and accidentally shoots her. Queen Ana and Oreb plead with the king to allow Esther to be reactivate in order to help them with their war calculations. The king summons Princess Monica to face questions about her role in Britney’s death. Esther plays mind games with Oreb and Cody and JJ are trapped by a hoard of cannibals in the Grand Castle.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 85: “Strength Through Death” (Due for release 3/24/23)

  • A soldier tries to assassinate the king in his sleep, but the Queen intervenes in the most drastic way. Monica once again engages Esther in a battle of wits pertaining to fate and the supernatural. Oreb, out of frustration, asks the queen to speak with Asilas and get the war started. Jacob gets into a physical altercation with a sergeant who challenges him to a hand to hand combat drill for entertainment. In spite of this show of strength, the queen insists Jacob be places at the rear flank, but the king objects. Oreb, on the other hand, impressed, gives Jacob a very special, and deadly gift.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 86: “Salt of Doubt” (Due for release 4/7/23)

  • The king launches missiles at the angel army base, but they send three missiles of their own, which sets the entire base into a frenzy–and the queen unleashes rage toward the king for this impromptu attack. The angels appear to be on the move to attack, but suddenly retreat and the queen uses this opportunity to rally up the demons. The king retreats to his private quarters, and in his stressful moment, summons his consort Natalia. However, the queen walks in on their courtship and unleashes even more rage and fury which results in an untimely death. In haste, the queen summons Beals. A move she quickly regrets.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 87: “Blinding Light” (Due for release 4/21/23)

  • The king has a lucid dream where he converses with Dr. Ezekiel and King Hussein in a therapy session. The Archangel and Alpha Omega discuss the fate of man and their willing blindness. Jacob professes his undying love to Monica and they marvel at their baby. The queen regains her sight, but not before she realizes the necessity of love in one’s heart.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 88: “Ultimate Strike” (Due for release 5/12/23)

  • King Asilas enters the cyber world of Esther to challenge her to a battle to the death. Oreb is distraught by the destruction of Esther, but simultaneously in disbelief Asilas was able to enter the computer world using his experimental contraption. Monica meets with the king to plead for Jacob’s position in the war battle, but the king was not impressed with her argument. The angel army begin their march toward Asilas’s base and everyone gets ready for the long awaited battle.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 89: “1 Peter 2:8” (Due for release 5/26/23)

  • Monica pleads again for Jacob not to go into the battle, but Jacob kisses her and promises to return to her and the baby. During the battle, Jacob is wounded. Bleeding profusely, the king carries his son to the medics and returns to the battle. The human and demon army engage the angel army with swords and in aerial assaults. The angels seems to have the advantage, slaughtering the human forces with relative ease, but the king and queen lead their toughest fighters and begin to make gains against the angels. Then, the Alpha Omega and Beals face off, which ends with a spectacular and ghastly finish.
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 90 (Series Finale): “Canaan Anon” (Due for release 6/16/23)

  • TBA
  • Other contributions include Zapsplat, Production Crate, and Audio Jungle.