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Many people have given positive reviews of the show and countless still are asking for more. And we will deliver. This is why we want to ask for your support in helping keep the show going until the end of the story. We’re producing 12 episodes for Season 1, 18 for Season 2 and we’re thinking the same for Season 3. Three would make sense. Conspiracy theorists can speculate as to why those numbers are significant. One set of numbers that is more profoundly significant are dollar figures. Please show support and consider purchasing some of the following products from JV Myka Publishing Company, our main sponsor of the show. We thank you and ALL HAIL THE KING!!!

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JV Torres has a music project called JVMP (the JV Myka Project). Songs from the first EP release “Modern Day Socrates” are available on Band Camp. The official release is 4/19/2019, but you can pre-order ($5) the album and get the song “Aphrodite” before anyone else does. The song “New World Order” will be featured in the season 2 finale and “Living In Sin” was featured in season 1. Buying JVMP music is supporting the Rise of King Asilas. Thanks for your support!


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“Childress is Lost” Written by JV Torres, Illustrated by Julia Feldman. For children 3-5.



“Blake’s Secret” by JV Torres. A short reader, 4th grade and up (with many activities for new readers).

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“Sara Shines” Written by JV Torres, Illustrated by Johnathan Jordan. For 4th grade readers and up.

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“I Want To Learn English” A textbook written by JV Torres for Level 1 English learners.

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