Season 2 (Episodes 13-30)

For transcripts, click HERE. All episodes Written and Directed by JV Torres.

Episode 13 (Season 2 Premiere): “The Net Ray”

  • King Asilas initiates the “Net Ray,” a mysterious super weapon that counteracts nuclear missiles. Asilas speaks to his enemies and the world, explaining the capabilities of this weapon, and warning that any nuclear attack on America would be futile. He asks Great Britain and Europe to surrender to America in order to avoid a large scale war, but they refuse. Asilas is compelled to order an attack on England and Europe, initiating what essentially becomes World War 3.
  • Features the song, “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful” by Josh Woodward. Other contributions by Ana Costa, Soft and Furious, Sergey Cheremisinov, Paranoid Android, Yan Terrian, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 14: “True Monsters”

  • Under mounting pressure from international leaders, Asilas decides to show the world just who the true enemies of mankind are in a live-streamed, epic demonstration. But in the process, Gabriel was exposed and the press asks who he is and what his role in Asilas’s government is. The rest of the world responds to the revealing of the “monsters” in utter shock and disbelief. While the media and population are fixated with the monsters,  the British and the European Alliance indicate they have no interest in surrendering to America. Thus, the initiation of World War 3 is set into motion.
  • Features the song, “Rise” by THEINTIMATES and “Call to Action” by Tickle. Other contributions include ROZKOL, Sergy Cheremisinov, Aaron Mist, Mick Barr Chuck, “White Noise, Low Colour, A.wav” by InspectorJ (, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 15: “Royal Flush”

  • American forces fully invade England and Europe, forcing the Royal Families to go into hiding. But not before several British Royals are captured and hung in a public forum. Asilas sends a message to King George and the other Royals to surrender and be spared a humiliating death, but George and the remaining Royals seek refuge in Switzerland, whose neutrality in wars is threatened when Asilas tells the Swiss government to hand over King George or America will invade them as well.
  • Features the song, “Divide and Conquer” by Dawn of Elysium. Other contributions by Sergy Cheremisinov, Komiku, Borrtex, GeeNerve, Dexter Britain, In2ative, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 16: “Sins of the Father” 

  • In one final plea, Asilas asks the Swiss government to surrender King George and the other Royals or America will launch a nuclear attack on that nation. The world holds their collective breath as no one doubted Asilas would actually drop a nuclear bomb on Switzerland. Asilas gives Switzerland 24 hours and then nukes would rain down on their capital, Bern. Issac makes an incredibly stupid deal with Jacob that changes the dynamics of the kingdom.
  • Features the song, “I Look for Peace” by Kathy Lowe. Other contributions include “Marching Boots” from and Audio Jungle.

Episode 17: “Temptations” (Due for release 12/14/2018)

  • The European Alliance is being torn apart and some countries voluntarily surrender to America to avoid complete annihilation, but by and large, Europe and Great Britain are fully engaged in the war. With much of the European states in a complete onslaught of battles with America, Asilas receives an invitation from the Vatican to meet with Pope Pius the XIV to discuss a peaceful end to the war. Oreb discovers a traitor close to the king.
  • Features the song, “Feel Good” by Asylum 4. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 18: “Revolutions of the Heart” (Due for release 12/25/2018)

  • Amid the internal struggle with his history as a Catholic parishioner, Asilas seeks counsel from an unlikely source, an obscure Rabbi Rashi, who reminds Asilas “no matter the power one possesses, no human can escape sin.” Torn by his convictions and the need to end the reign of the “Monsters” grip on humanity, Asilas does something unthinkable; he invites Rabbi Rashi to sit in as a guest on the High Council. Gabriel and Jacob resolve a discrepancy that had always brought suspicion on the enigmatic “Merlin” to the king.
  • Features the song, “King of Slaves” by Kalmyka. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 19: “Bittersweet Surrender” (Due for release 1/1/2019)

  • America takes control of several European countries including Russia. Queen Rebekah inquires about her missing father and Capone is designated to break some terrible news to her. Asilas and Lord Shelley heat things up in a manner no one could have imagined.
  • Features the song, “The Monkey King” by Tandem Unicycle. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 20: “Death Journey” (Due to release 1/11/2019)

  • Poland and other countries surrender to America, but France and England continue to resist until Asilas threatens them with a nuclear attack and both scramble to see if the king would make good on his threat. Lord Shelley and Asilas confess something intimate to each other. The Pope pleads for Vatican sovereignty, but Asilas contemplates assassination of the Pontiff.
  • Features the song “How Can We Believe” by Void Contact. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 21: “Mala Fide” (Due for release 1/21/2019)

  • World War 3 might have appeared to be over, but other wars loomed as America moved on the continent of Africa. In a rare interview, China’s President Wei speaks openly about the Drax in an effort to muster more support for Asilas. America prepares for war in several countries in Africa and sends Lord Samuel to initiate diplomatic solutions to the resistance on the continent. Beals tries to warn Lemuria of Asilas in order to initiate an invasion sooner rather than later.
  • Features the song “Fading Slowly” bu Night Lights. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 22: “Sands of the Hourglass” (Due for release 2/5/2019)

  • King Hussein and the Middle Eastern Alliance moved on Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Somalia in what became known as the Desert Demolition. While some countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo and Chad did not want war of any sort with America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon and others asked King Asilas to leave them to their sovereignty, but their requests were met with silence. Tensions build between King Hussein and President Wei as both plead with Asilas to be in control of the war effort in Africa. Asilas expands the High Council to 12 members. Jacob and Monica announce their wedding plans.
  • Features the song “Take This Pain Away” by Chris Re. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 23: “Daughters of Beasts and Men” (Due for release 2/18/2019)

  • Lord Oreb finds out King George is still alive and that Asilas executed a shape shifter imposter. King Asilas becomes suspicious of the High Council when the Monster Group kidnaps Lord Jackson in Russia and try to barter him for the release of Princess Marilyn of England. Beals and Asilas exchange words about what fate awaits them after judgment. Jacob and Monica exchange marriage vows as a mission is taking place simultaneously to take out Lord Jackson.
  • Features the song “Coming’ by Cedar Knoll. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 24: “Ruse” (Due for release 3/1/2019)

  • Asilas and King Hussein discuss the state of affairs in Africa after a year of war. China suggests moving on India, but Asilas is reluctant and decides to move on Sri Lanka instead for strategic purposes and sends Prince Jacob along with Lord Shelley to get some military command experience. However, things go terribly wrong, Capone is arrested in India and Asilas is forced to act quickly to save his master plan and the life of his son, the heir to the kingdom.
  • Features the song….. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 25: “Captured” (Due for release 3/17/2019)

  • Asilas threatens Capon’s captors by kidnapping the families of high ranking Indian officials and beginning a countdown to torch them alive. The American Navy runs into some unexpected drama off the coast of India and Asilas is forced to dispatch a team of Spartans, which throws off his plans. Lord Shelley goes to Australia to negotiate terms for a surrender, but is instead captured by the dreaded Drax. Asilas encounters resistance from his own High Council for the first time and tests his resolve.
  • Features the song, “On We Sail” by Forming the Void. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 26: “Tremble in Revulsion” (Due for release 4/5/2019)

  • Queen Rebekah talks to Asilas about becoming grandparents while simultaneously asserting suspicion about the true nature of her father’s death. Extraction of Lord Shelley doesn’t turn out as planned. Asilas opens up to Dr. Ezekiel about his feelings for Lord Shelley. A discover is made that the Australians have unknown aircrafts that conventional weapons are useless against and sends American forces scrambling to find a counterpunch.
  • Features the song, “Oklahoma Girl” by Honey Blue. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 27: “De Facto King” (Due for release 4/19/2019)

  • Lemuria warns King George not to underestimate Asilas, but George has major plans in Australia as America suffers its first major defeat at the hands of unknown flying machines and advanced weapons. Asilas is forced to contemplate a nuclear attack on Australia and subsequently decides to go on a 40 day “excursion” into the desert to do some soul searching –leaving Lord Oreb in charge of the kingdom and Queen Rebekah as his proxy on the High Council.
  • Features the song…… Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 28: “Assassinations” (Due for release 4/26/2019)

  • Beals visits Queen Rebekah in a dream and reveals to her the name of her father’s assassin. In the desert, Asilas sees and talks to spirits and his faith in God is put to the test. Upon King Asilas’s return, Queen Rebekah confronts him about her suspicions surrounding her father’s death. Asilas scuffles with Lord Oreb and sends him to Antartica on recon, but his team is ambushed by the Drax.
  • Features the song…… Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 29: “Truth and Betrayal” (Due for release 5/5/2019)

  • Queen Rebekah suspects Asilas is responsible for her father’s death. Oreb returns from Antarctica with a report on the Drax and a massive military deployment is ordered in two countries. Asilas reveals to Dr. Ezekiel some of what he experienced in the desert. An attempt on Asilas’s life is made and Lemuria meets with President Wei in a plot to betray the American alliance.
  • Features the song…… Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.

Episode 30 (Season 2 Finale): “Alpha Omega” (Due for release 5/17/2019)

  • TBA
  • Features the song “I Can’t Live This Way” by Marco Vega. Other contributions by and Audio Jungle.