A Novel by JV Torres


Episode 1 (Pilot): “The Ascension,” Written and Directed by JV Torres

  • General Asilas Roman is given the authority to save the United States from collapse after a crippling civil war from the weak and indecisive president. Asilas uses his military genius to wreck the plans of five separatist groups of states and unifies the country. In the wake of this reunification, the decision was made by the shadow government referred to as the “monsters” that the United States would change from a democracy to an absolute monarchy, and naming General Asilas Roman as the nation’s first king.
  • Features the songs “My Life’s Work” performed by John Brazile (www.john.brazile.com) and “Impossible Bottle” performed by Signal To Noise (www.findyoursignal.com).

Episode 2: “Night Terrors,” Written and Directed by JV Torres

  • King Asilas wrestles with his demons, both in his dreams and in the real world. Quintin Capone, a close confidant of the king, addresses some of his concerns as they pertain to corruption in the schools throughout the kingdom. Abigail Sierra, the king’s object of affection causes a rift between him and Queen Rebekah. The king’s secret shrink, Dr. Ezekiel, tries to ease his mind as he copes with his frequent night terrors.
  • Features the song “Darker Than Blue” performed by Marco Vega (marcovega.bandcamp.com), “Duet” performed by Sea Cucumber (www.reverbnation.com/seacucumber) and other music by Headphaze, Doc King Cole and JVMP.

Episode 3: “The Monster Group,” Written and Directed by JV Torres

  • King Asilas tries to filter through who in his inner circle are working with the group of shadow government people he refers to as the “Monsters.” He meets with the English King as a matter or formality, discovers the royal families from around the globe are conspiring against him and America, but sends an firm message in an epic speech before thousands. Asilas and Capone begin the next phase of their plan to counter the underground actions of the group.
  • Features the song “Medicate” by Mayne (www.iammayne.com). Other music contributions by Brian Cheverie, James Skaggs, Audiojungle, InspectorJ and Cylon8472 @Freesound.org,

Episode 4: “The Fine Line,” Written and Directed by JV Torres

  • The country’s  new Minister of Interior, Jeremy Oreb, discovers Russian terrorists active in neighboring Canada are plotting massive attacks on the New Kingdom and planning the assassination of King Asilas.  The intensity builds as King Asilas and America contemplate the possibility of waging war on Canada.
  • Features the song “Apathy” by Little Atlas. Music contributions by (score) Joshua Nelson, Freesound.org, and Audio Jungle.”Black Vortex” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Episode 5: “Poisonous Frequencies,” Written and Directed by JV Torres

  • Minister Oreb, at the behest of King Asilas, sets out to destroy the moguls of the entertainment industry by exposing their connection to the occult and the Devil himself. What first appears to be an old fashioned witch trial becomes an all out assault on the king’s insistence on controlling every aspect of people’s lives. The trial turns into a purging of demonic influence on American society, but not before the king is subjected to accusations of racism and fascism.
  • Features the music of…