Season 4 Episodes (46-60)

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Episode 46 (Season 4 Premiere): “Firestorm”

  • Meteors cause massive destruction throughout the world, and the king returns to New Eden to oversee the stability of the kingdom. Price Jacob is sent to face the princess about her betrayal. The young couple JJ and Cody arrive at the Grand Castle to make their final plans to wed on the castle grounds. However, something ominous and dangerous approaches. Lord Oreb is given an urgent warning about the earth’s electromagnetic poles. Features the song “Agent of Destruction” by Wooden Wand.
  • Other contributors include: Kevin MacLeod, Lobo Loco, Tagirijus, “Footsteps” by Inspector J, “Piano Melancholy” by PeriTune, “Dark Man” by Ender Guney, Joseph Grant, “Cataclysmic Molten Core” by Jungle Punks, ROZKOL, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. Promo: Cory Talks. End credits by L.A. Bonet. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.

Episode 47: “Master of Men”

  • JJ and Cody leave New Eden and head to California to meet up with an obscure group known as the “Bohemians.” Lord Oreb also heads to California to meet with one Dr. Liverpool, whose calculations alarms him deeply. Lord Capone and King Asilas discuss the imminent collapse of China and the Middle Eastern Alliance when Oreb returns with grave news. The Pope and King Asilas have a foreboding exchange. Reports of threatening food shortages causes great panic, prompting the king to give an epic speech to taper rising concerns. Features the music of BMore Blend.
  • Other contributions include: HAL9K, Sound Phenomenon, Ominous Orchestra, Epic Composer, “The Dark Night” by Alec Koff, End credit song: “Haven’t The Poor People Suffered Enough” by Charlie Magir, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. Promo: Firebreathing Kittens. End credits by L.A. Bonet. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.

Episode 48: “Cannibals and Children”

  • Cannibalism begins to grip parts of the kingdom in the wake of widespread food shortages. The Pope finds it is becoming too dangerous to be out in public and reaches out to King Asilas for help, but his reply shocks him to the bone. The king is confronted by reporters in a townhall Q & A about reports of cannibals roaming the kingdom. Beals visits the Pope to give him a sobering perspective about America’s king. Features the songs “Rain on my Grave” by Dallas Kincaid and “Cluck Old Hen” by Monster Taxi and BeShine.
  • Other contributors include: HAL9K, “Apprehension” and “Chase Pulse (Faster),” “Decay,” “Folk Round,” and “Blue Sizzle” by Kevin MacLeod, “The World Has Moved On” by ROZKOL, “Haunted House” by Myuu, “Footsteps, Stones, A” by Inspector J, Epic Composer, Scott Holmes, Kevin Luce, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. Promo: California True Crime. End credits and Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.
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Episode 49: “Drought”

  • The Pope tries to meet the needs of desperate people outside the Vatican walls and realizes the threats on his life are legitimate. King Asilas shocks the world by sanctioning the persecutions of Christians throughout the kingdom. Lord Capone tries to reason with Asilas, but learns the king is working under prophetic directives. Tension builds between JJ and Cody as disagreements mount about who to invite to the wedding and who to excuse. Prince Jacob appears on a TV show and publicly goes against his father about the treatment of Christians. Dr. Liverpool calls Lord Oreb about the earth’s worsening conditions. Features the song “Heaven is the Other Way” by Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys.
  • Other contributors include: HAL9K, Towermint Studios, iHaksi, “Rulers of Our Lands” by Rafael Krux, “Echoes of Time” by Kevin MacLeod, Klankbeeld, Alexander Nakarada, “The War in my Head” by Dexter Britain, “Rebel Rock Armageddon” by The Riptides, “We Rise” by Sirius Beat -Link:, Zapsplat,, and Audio Jungle. Promo: Ignorance Was Bliss. End credits and Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.
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Episode 50: “Poles Shift”

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  • Dr. Liverpool appears on TV and tells the world of the dangers of a complete polar shift. The poles shift causes the ice in Antarctica to melt, exposing remnants of an advanced ancient civilization. Malcolm Banks is questioned by his daughter, Princess Monica, and his answers raises suspicions as to whether he is really her father. Earthquakes rock California, devastating the grounds where JJ and Cody were planning to have their wedding. Dr. Liverpool is put under great pressure to find solutions for the poles shift problem. Features the song “Miles Away” by Matreice Marcus and “Ravens Wings” by Steve Fisher.
  • Other contributors include: Marc Meulen, Berlin Atmospheres, “Spine Chilling Cardian Tension” by Biz Baz Studio, Alexander Hoff, Power Music Factory, Burgh Records, Zapsplat,, and Audio Jungle. Promo: Me, My Demon, And I. End Credits by L.A. Bonet. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.

Episode 51: “Tribalism”

  • The poles shift perpetuates major navigational disruptions, literally causing planes to fall out of the sky. JJ and Cody leave the Bohemians in search of a new place to have their wedding, but run into some terrifying problems along the way. Dr. Liverpool travels to New Eden to meet with the king in hopes of resolving the worsening global conditions. Malcolm kidnaps Princess Monica, sending Jacob and King Asilas into a maddening rage. Features the song “Under the Spell of Joy” by Death Valley Girls.
  • Other contributors include: “End of the Abyss” by Aliaksei Yukhnevich (Tunetank), “Beyond the Mind” by Vitalii Sudzin, “Tactics” by Alex Lisi, “Crowd Creaming, A.wav” by Inspector J, “Powerful Epic Drum Music” by Musicology, “The Border” by Argsound Background Music, “A Different World By Night” by Nihilore, and Audio Jungle. End Credits by Trey Olds. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo by Killer Jobs Podcast.

Episode 52: “Some Fights Are Won”

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  • The Pope sends a Cardinal to negotiate with Lord Capone for the king to show mercy on him. The power grids and global communications become severely disrupted by the polar shifts. JJ is kidnapped by a vicious motorcycle gang and Cody runs off to rescue her. Jacob and Oreb narrow down their search for Princess Monica, as well as plot to commit a major assassination. Obscurity looms as it is reported King Hussein may have been killed in an air raid. Scientists report Yellowstone Park is on the verge of an eruption. Features the song “Jah Jah Call You” by World Domination Enterprises.
  • Other contributors include: “Powerful Epic Cinematic Drum Track For Your Project” by Musicology (Download Link:, “Voice in the Night” by Royalty Free Zone, Blue Tree Audio, Power Music Factory, “Reloaded” by Savfk, “Epic Trailer Music” by KingHyenX, Smell-a-Melody Records, Ross Bugden, Alex Lisi, “Atomic Fire Light” by Nihilore, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits by Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Broken Lords.

Episode 53: “What Lies Beneath”

  • Dr. Liverpool warns Lord Oreb that the ice in Antarctica is melting and sea levels will rise. King Asilas sends a team to investigate the newly exposed areas of Antarctica. JJ and Cody leave the west coast and head to Kentucky, but have another frightening experience when they arrive. Princess Monica and Malcolm have a heated, but revealing exchange. The king becomes increasingly unstable, as he faces ghosts from his past. Featured song “Southern Gothic” by Bureaucratica.
  • Other contributors include: ESN Productions, “End of the Abyss” by Aliaksei Yukhnevich, “Hooky With Sloane” by Bird Creek, “One Dog Down” by Wes Hutchinson, “Mind Chaos,” “Beginning of Conflict” and “Horror Mystery” by Rafael Krux, “Tucson” by Silent Partner,, “Bent and Broken” by Kevin MacLeod, No Copyright Music Squad, “Offender” by Amal Raj Music, “Dark Tension Rising” by Mattia Cupelli, “Dream Away” by Day 7, “Suspence Scary Music” by Oak Studios, “Hotshot” by Scott Holmes, and Audio Jungle. End credits by Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Targeted Podcast.

Episode 54: “Beyond Comprehension”

  • Cannibals terrorize the kingdom with impunity . The world falls in disbelief over what is discovered under the Antarctic ice. Beals and an extra-terrestrial discuss the return of “The One.” JJ and Cody head to Ohio and have an unbelievable close encounter. Princess Monica has her baby boy, but scrambles to be near him. Featured song “Don’t Fear the Sun” by Maxthor.
  • Other contributors include: “Palpable Tension,” “Palpable Tensions” and “A Method to the Madness” by Darren Curtis, “Falling Skies” by Vivek Abhishek, “Buzzing, Electric Lamp, A.wav” and “Crowd Screaming, A” by InspectorJ, Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio, “The Lab” by Johnny Dog, “Humanity” by Scott Holmes, “World of Ruin” by Damiano Baldoni, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits: Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Assassinations Podcast.
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Episode 55: “Burning”

  • Death lurks around every corner throughout the kingdom. JJ and Cody arrive in New Eden only to find themselves in a fight for their lives. The Pope and Cardinal discuss martyrdom. King Asilas’s disregard for the concerns of the people sends the High Council into a panic, as tribalism becomes a real threat to his authority. Lord Capone is given a horrific task. Features the song “Help Me” by Timothy Yurkovitch.
  • Other contributors include: “Hunt Him” by Tagirijus, “The Enemy” by Rafael Krux, “Dark Rage” and “Dark Lord” by CO.AG, “The Devil’s Cell,” “Ignite the Fire,” “I Will Find You” “The Brotherhood” and “Prepare Thyself” by Darren Curtis, “Aftermath” by Kevin MacLeod, “Creature Voice, A4, Dry.wav” by InspectorJ, “All the Colors in the World” by Podington Bear, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits: Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Jarod Cerf

Episode 56: “Theft of Humanity”

  • Lord Capone negotiates with the Drax to get King Asilas’s grandson back, but the human cost is astronomical. JJ and Cody get desperate as they run out of money and have to resort to criminal activity. Jacob and Oreb close in on the Pope and Jacob demonstrates signs of real leadership. Asilas introduces Beals to his A.I. assistant, Esther, and the two engage in a rhetorical conversation. Features the song “Shock The Liar” by Jonathan Norris.
  • Other contributors include: “The Upside Down World” by Komiku, “I Will Find You,” “He Sees, Always,” “I Will Find You,” and “Darkness at End of Tunnel” by Darren Curtis, “Mysterious Lights” by Rafael Krux, “Good Day to Die” by Miguel Johnson, “Dark Investigation” by Power Music Factory, “Electric Gladiator” by Jonathan Norris, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits: Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Folklore on the Rocks.

Episode 57: “Fire This Time”

  • Monica makes a daring plan of escape. Oreb’s team brings back mysterious technologies from Antarctica and the images it displays leaves the king and his inner circle confused. Major volcanic eruptions add more calamities as the king continues to lose his grip on the world. Millions go missing and news reports makes it impossible dismiss the disappearances. Asilas, under pressure, launches a nuclear weapon once again in a desperate attempt to keep his control. Features the song “Fire” by The Inventors.
  • Other contributors include:“Melody of Dreams” by Whitesand (Martynas Lau), “He Lies Broken By Your Shame” by CO.AG Music, Power Music Factory, “Blank Holes” by Jingle Punks, “The Black Blade” and “Danger Around the Corner” by Darren Curtis, “Electric Gladiator” by Jonathan Norris, “Reloaded” by Savfx, “Six Coffin Nails” by Kit Foster, “Forgotten” by Repulsive, “Meltdown” by ROZKOL, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits: Keith Norris. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Doomsday: History’s Most Dangerous Podcast.

Episode 58: “Giants”

  • Dr. Liverpool and his team make a terrifying discovery underground. A horde of cannibals and giants attack the Grand Castle and threaten the king inside. However, Capone leads a team of Spartans to defend the castle. The Pope and Cardinals make their pilgrimage, but encounter nomadic gangs and cannibals along the way. Cody and JJ make it to Washington, D.C. looking for Cody’s father and end up in the fight for the lives. Features the song “Let It All Krumble” by Lyndol Descant.
  • Other contributors include: Zasplat,, and Audio Jungle.

Episode 59: “Inferno”

  • Capone has a fiercely intense meeting with Malcolm Banks that doesn’t end well. Another shocking attack on the Grand Castle appears to be much more than the king can handle, but something immensely grim happens that leaves everyone running for cover. Dr. Liverpool is called to examine the corpse of a giant and is aghast by what he learns. Monica is smuggled out of the European territory, but her journey home is mired with uncertainty. The Pope reaches Galilee and is met by a flood of people. Features the song “Standing There” by Steven Fisher (Cerebral Tone).
  • Other contributors include: “Gotham” by Dexplicit, “Dimensional Rift,” “Victims of the Brood Queen,” “Death March,” and “Darkness Around the Corner” by Darren Curtis, “Burning” and “The King” by Sergey Cheremisinov, “Murder on the Bayou” by Bryan Teoh, “Crowd Screaming, A” by Inspector J, Power Music Factory:, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle. End credits and produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Ignorance Was Bliss.

Episode 60 (Season Finale): “Rapture”

  • Pope Innocent XIV heads to Galilee to give his “sermon on the mount,” where a group of assassins wait for him. Monica and her handlers make it to the shores on South Carolina where they stumble upon Cody and JJ’s impromptu wedding. All witness something incredible in the skies above. Features the song “The King in Yellow” by Ah Pook the Destroyer.
  • Other contributors include: CORRECTION– Jan Welch as “Rita,” and an appearance by Jack Ward in the Pope death scene. Also, “A World Ends in Fire” by The Aurora Project, “Monster’s Lair,” “Destiny” and “Epic Nucis” by Darren Curtis, “A Dark but Peaceful Place” by Gabriel Richards, MOKKA, Infraction, SoundFlaks, “Dragon Castle” by 魔界 Symphony, Kill Crew, “Empire on Fire” by Aliakei Yukhnevich, Zapsplat, and Audio Jungle.End credits by Pete Lutz. Produced by JV Torres and mastered by Kenny Kingsborough. Promo: Status Pending Podcast.