The Cast (Season 4)

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JV Torres as “King Asilas” and “Beals”
Sergei Brahznikov as the “Narrator”
Amanda Haggist as “JJ”
David S. Dear as “Pope Innocent XIV”
Austin Beach as “Cody Valentine” and “Russel”
L.A. Bonet as “Princess Monica”
John Doby as Lord Quintin Capone
Mark Dreisonstok as “Dr. Liverpool”
Gary Scales as “Malcolm Banks”
Steven Fisher as “Lord Jeremy Oreb”
Don Rudzinski as Newsreader “Tom Novak”
Dominic Notaro as “Prince Jacob”
Melissa Womer as “Lisa”
Aaron Hammond as “Cardinal”
John Burghardt as “Pastor Travis” and “Roger”
Brandon Richards as “Glen”
Armando Valenzuela as “Keekeh”
Levi Reid as “Air Traffic Controller”
Judy Cerda as “Carol” and “Woman”
Pete Lutz as “Murphy MacDonald” and “George”
Michael Marshall (Ensemble)
Jessica Grier (Ensemble)
Keith Norris as “Melvin” and some End Credits
Jack Ward as “Demon” and “Pilot”
Alessandra Fabiani as “Esther” (Ensemble)
Maria Micklasavage (Ensemble)
Schuyler Torres (Ensemble)
Courtney Clark (Ensemble)
Robb Gerard (Ensemble)
Greg McAfee as “News Intro Announcer”