Season 3 Episodes (31-45)



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Episode 31 (Season 3 Premiere): “Secrets”

  • The world braces for the impending apocalypse as America turns on its allies in the Middle East and China, who bond their alliance with plans to bring destruction to Jerusalem. The queen becomes enraged as she learns of the king’s infidelity. Features the song “Gunslinger” by Baby Sinister.
  • Other contributions include: “New World” and “Run” by Kai Engle, Sergey Cheremisinov, “Among Thorns” by Hyson, “Mystery Mammal” by Electric Puppet, “The Tudor Consort” by Post Communion, Zapsplat, Smartsound, Justin Macleod, Skyclad, and audiojungle. Promos: Strictly Homicide Podcast and True Crime Finland. End credits and Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 32: “The Red Horse” 

  • Pope Innocent XIV is introduced to the world, who shows great favor to the American king. The Alpha Omega breaks the second seal, making a Lord on the High Council the Red Horse of the apocalypse. Asilas gets an urgent call from Prince Jacob to return to New Eden as things spiral out of control in the capital. Features the song “Loneliness and Me” by Wolfy.
  • Other contributions include: Zapsplat,, Audio Jungle, “Cinematic Hit, Distorted, A.wav” and “Piano, String Glissando, Low, A.wav” by InspectorJ ( of, “Wow Voice” by Dersuperanton, “Closer to You” by Sergy Cheremisinov, “Pacing” by Chad Crouch. Promos: Haunted Heart Podcast and Play Comics Podcast. Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 33: “Fire Beneath Our Feet” 

  • King Hussein and President Wei discuss a delay in their tunnel project as the Middle Eastern Alliance sends terrorist groups into America to launch attacks. The queen confronts Lord Shelley about her affair with Asilas. Lord Capone is given immense power and throws lavish parties in the Grand Castle. Alpha Omega visits Lord Oreb. Features the song “If You Only Knew (What You Were About To Do)” by The Filthy Famous.
  • Other contributors include: Zapsplat,, Audio Jungle, “The Descent,” “Vertutes Instrumenti” and “Prelude and Action” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY htto://, “Burning” and “United Voyagers” by Sergey Cheremisinov, “Farm Montage Instrumental” by BOPD, “Absolution” by Yellow Cop. Promos: Podful of Sunshine and Real Dudes Podcast. End Credits and Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 34: “The Beasts of the Earth” 

  • Lord Capone turns the basement of the Grand Castle into his own personal harem. Lord Vargas and his Henchmen plunder the wealth of those he executes. Francisco infiltrates the “Deceivers of Christ,” but has to perform unsavory acts to do so. Tension builds between Princess Monica and Prince Jacob and the Alpha Omega meets with Lord Vargas and gives him an unthinkable directive. Features the song “Thou Shall Not Murder” by Elvis Depressedly.
  • Other contributors include: Zapsplat,, Audio Jungle, “Gabriel Flying” by Gianluca Sgalambro, “Hidden Truth” by Rafael Krux, “Corner of Nevada” by Shadow Vibe, “Red Cushions” by Bill Shostak, “Oh Yeah Man Voice Moan” ccby3 Copyright 2013 Iwan GabovitchCC-BY3 license. Promos: Odd Dad Out and The Outlines Podcast. End Credits: Schuyler Torres. Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 35: “The Zenana”

  • Asilas and Lord Shelley revise their war strategy as China’s stealth digger heads towards Jerusalem. President Wei sends two female agents to go undercover and infiltrate Lord Capone’s harem. Chaos ensues as Prince Jacob discovers the women in the Regent’s office. Features the song “Heaven Feels So Far” by The Afraid Brigade.
  • Other contributors include: Zasplat,, Audio Jungle, “A State of Despair” by Mid-Air Machine, “Electronic Drums” by CP Bryan, “Burning” by Sergy Cheremisinov, “Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” by Illinois Brass Band, “I have proof the world is a drop of water falling slowly to its end” by Cherly KaCherly, “Don’t Say Goodbye” by Ilya Truhanov. Promos: Good Nightmare Podcast and People are Wild Podcast. End credits: Schuyler Torres. Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 36: “Miracles and Malice”

  • Lord Capone faces dire consequences for his careless actions. Pope Innocent XIV exhumes the body of Pope Pius XIV for what became known as the “Corpse Trial.” Tempers flare and major changes occur when Lord Capone argues with Prince Jacob about his reassignment. Princess Monica reveals a little more about her plans to take over the kingdom. Features the song “Walk With Danger” by Shake Some Action.
  • Other contributors include: Zasplat,, Audio Jungle, Envato,”Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” by Lloyd Rogers, “Electronic Drum Solo” by CP Bryan, “Cue 1,” “Cue 3” and “Cue 1b” by Soularflair, “Venezuela” by Anhgelin Royalty free music from, “Splash, Jumping, E.wav” by InspectorJ ( of Promos: The Unseen Podcast, and The Haunted. End Credits: Schuyler Torres Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 37: Uncivil Unrest

  • Beals and the Pope plan out how they will slowly entice Asilas to accept his destiny using technology designed to trick people into hearing voices. Asilas isolates himself in Rome, taking refuge at the Vatican, but sneaks away to meet Dr. Ezekiel in secret. General Pershing and Lord Shelley go full throttle with the recalibrated Trishul, plunging China’s people into complete murderous division. Features the song “The Snake” by Taste of Tea.
  • Other contributors includes: Zasplat,, Audio Jungle, “Angelwing” by The Nympaeum V, “”Pulsar,” “Immersive,” and “Sleepwalker II” by Sergy Cheremisinov, “Ruins” by Mystery Mammal, “A Surprising Power” by Mid-Air Machine, and “High Technologic Beat” by Loyalty Freak Music. Promos: Things That Keep Me Up At Night Podcast and MurdUp Podcast.
    End Credits and Produced by JV Torres. Mastered by Dominic Notaro

Episode 38: “Outbreak”

  • Information is leaked to the press about China’s secret stealth digger heading to Jerusalem. Lord Vargas and his Henchmen continue hunting down drug cartels and testing out a new lethal pestilence. Lord Richards and Princess Monica hatch a conspiracy for their own personal gains. Vargas sends his Henchmen into all countries in South America to warn them the Pale Horse is coming. Features the song “I Got a Plan to Rule the World” by McCullah.
  • Other contributors include: Zasplat,, Audio Jungle, Envato,“Among Thorns” by Hyson, “Prophetic Dreams” by Magdalena Solis, “Book of Mirrors,” “Dybbuks White Eyes,” and “Clouds” by Sergey Cheremisinov, “Trailer for Non-Existent Film” by Soularflair, and “Comedie” by Jahzzar. Promo: Journey Beyond the Sky. End Credits by Schuyler Torres. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 39: “Power Equals Money”

  • Oreb receives a premonition that the kingdom is heading for financial ruin. Asilas calls an emergency meeting of the High Council after a wave of terrorist attacks cripples the original states. The queen moves into a separate suite, as she tells Asilas she cannot tolerate his relationship with Lord Shelley. Features the song “The Beginning (of the End)” by Lost European.
  • Other contributions include: Zapsplat,, Audio Jungle, “She Wolf in my Heart,” by Sergy Cheremisinov, “The Land of the Dead” by Rafael Krux, “Static Sea” by Soularflair, “All Will See” by Hyson, “Wants to Know” by Bodysurfer, and “Exchequer Prague” by Aethellis. Promos: Apocalypse Now Podcast and True Crime Finland. End Credits by Rachel Okun. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Dominic Notaro.

Episode 40: “The Branding” 

  • Lord Shelley and General Pershing hatch a plan to use President Wei’s mistresses to assassinate him. King Asilas decrees all citizens of America get a “branding” tattoo on their foreheads in order to conduct business of any king throughout the kingdom. Prince Jacob gives a rocky press conference that leaves people questioning his abilities to lead. Princess Monica and Lord Richards make a bold move to spy on the Regent. Features the song “One Million” by Vladimir Vojnović.
  • Other contributions include: Zapsplat,, Audio Jungle, “Cursed House” by Sergy Cheremisinov, “Adrenaline” by Mamoune Taleb, “Prelude and Action” “Devastation and Revenge,” “Classic Horror 1” and “Black Vortex” by Kevin MacLeod, “Heartbeat” by Artem Grenshchikov, “Dragon Castle” by Makai Symphony, RobHK, Argsound, Dale Berry, and Voytek Pavlik. Creative Comons license (CC BY-SA 3.0). Promos: American Slacker Podcast and Assassinations Podcast. End Credits: Rachel Okun. Produced by JV Torres and Mastered by Kenny Kingsborough.

Episode 41: “Motives” (4/10/2020)

  • The Vatican helps America financially with their war efforts, but the Pope makes evil demands of the king. Lord Capone returns to New Eden and discovers the Regent’s office has been bugged. Vargas is summoned to New Eden and devises a plan to use Prince Isaac to help set a trap for the traitors. Features the song “Double Crossed” by Metal Byrds.
  • Other contributions include:

Episode 42: “The Lure” (4/24/2020)

  • Nabal meets with Asilas to report onPresident Wei’s mistresses and is sent to arrest a controversial evangelist, Luke T. Johnson. Lord Oreb puts Johnson on trial, but gets unexpected insight from the condemned Luke Johnson. Oreb goes to New Eden to intervene in Asilas’s marital problems, but finds the queen responses unbelievable. Prince Isaac meets with Princess Monica, who promises to help him get back into Jacob’s good graces in exchange for his loyalty. Features the song “Kings” by Scene of Action.
  • Other contributions include:

Episode 43: “The Handshake of Death” (5/8/2020)

  • King Asilas becomes depressed when one of his closest confidants dies suddenly. Oreb tells the king he is suspicious of Princess Monica and Lord Richards. Vargas receives new directives to eliminate all non-Catholic Christians migrating from South America. Asilas gives a speech encouraging all Americans to convert to Catholicism. Features the song “The Spirit World” by Josh Woodward.
  • Other contributions include:

Episode 44: “A Foot in the Grave” (5/22/2020)

  • Karina attempts to assassinate Pope Innocent XIV, but Prince Isaac makes an unexpected move that puts his life in danger. Nabal hunts down President Wei, but he has a designated survivor who escapes and implements a horrific plan. Oreb interrogates Princess Monica, who makes a shocking revelation that no one can believe, and a ghost from the past resurfaces. Features the song “Losing My Religion (Cover)” by Suzie B.
  • Other contributions include:

Episode 45 (Season 3 Finale): “The Olivet Prophecy” (6/5/2020)

  • Gabriel is tricked into helping the New Ordo transport alien technology designed to cause catastrophic natural events all over the world. After falling ill, Lord Shelley is brought to New Eden, but her presence causes uncontrollable rage and division among the people–including members of the High Council. The queen makes a painful decision and returns to England. Lord Oreb unleashes his rage against the Church and Christendom altogether. The Alpha Omega breaks the fifth seal, thrusting the world into Tribulations. Features the song “Striker” by War Cloud.
  • Other contributions include: