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Episode 1 The Ascension

Episode 2 Night Terrors

Episode 3 The Monster Group

Episode 4 The Fine Line

Episode 5 Poisonous Frequencies

Episode 6 The Visitation

Episode 7 On The Brink

Episode 8 Lifting the Fog

Episode 9 Falling Dominoes

Episode 10 The Impetus to Reign

Episode 11 Hand to the Throat

Episode 12 The Manifest Destiny

Episode 13 The Net Ray

Episode 14 True Monsters

Episode 15 Royal Flush

Episode 16 Sins of the Father

Episode 17 Temptations

Episode 18 Revolution of the Heart

Episode 19 Bittersweet Surrender

Episode 20 Death Journey

Episode 21 Mala Fide

Episode 22 Sands of the Hourglass

Episode 23 The Daughters of Beasts and Men

Episode 24 Ruse

Episode 25 Captured

Episode 26 Tremble in Revulsion

Episode 27 De Facto King

Episode 28 Assassinations

Episode 29 Truth and Betrayal

Episode 30 Alpha Omega

Episode 31 Secrets

Episode 32 The Red Horse

Episode 33 The Fire Beneath Our Feet

Episode 34 The Beasts of the Earth

Episode 35 The Zenana

Episode 36 Miracles and Malice

Episode 37 Uncivil Unrest

Episode 38 Outbreak

Episode 39 Power Equals Money

Episode 40 The Branding

Episode 41 Motives

Episode 42 The Lure

Episode 43 The Handshake of Death