What Listeners Say on Stitcher!

Fantastically Written!

This production has been one of the few podcasts that has been able to fully hold my attention. I love the writing and the character progression and the whole audio track reminds me of old radio shows me and my mother used to listen to.

10/10 Would recommend to anyone just starting to get into either audio books or podcasts. ~Heather Minty

Compelling stuff.

Just became aware of JV’s project yesterday and as an award-winning filmmaker I aspire to achieve uniqueness and quality. I find both here in JV’s work. I was never bored listening to episode one and look forward to seeing the progression of the series. ~Gregster

Great show/great story so far

When you look at America today, this story could very well reflect our future. The voices are well done, as is the music. This concept takes me back to my childhood when the major source of drama and comedy entertainment was radio. ~Dave T

Great Show!

This is definitely a great show! It’s very interesting and kept my attention. It’s very detailed and when I close my eyes it’s almost as if the scenes are happening in reality. ~Sherita R

Way cool!

I have never listened to a radio drama type show before – this was very interesting and a way cool experience! Good stuff ~Robert Sanchez

Gripping and interesting

This show has me thinking about the future of America. It’s entertaining but thought provoking, too. Very good show. ~Joe Cardosa

Great Talent and Creative Piece!

JV, you are exceptionally talented, and it shows in your amazing production! ~Crarts


I found this show to be very unique and enjoyed listening. ~Olivia P

Engaging and relevant

This podcast is timely, relevant, and really engaging. It is professionally written and develops the characters quite well. Actor’s voices and portrayals are excellent! The content of the podcasts serves as a basis for deep discussion of real issues. I’m excited to see how this develops! ~Becky C