The End of the King Asilas?

Well, we’ve always known the story would eventually have to come to an end. Though it isn’t something I say lightly, ending the saga of King Asilas is happening right on schedule. During the pandemic, I contemplated stretching the series out to nine seasons, but I changed my mind when I realized I would be diluting a very rich story. I figured there will be ways to keep the King Asilas world alive past the ultimate destruction promised by Revelations. For now, however, I need to stick to the script and end this show the only way it can be done: in EPIC fashion.

So, where does this story conclude? In some ways, the story ends at Armageddon. But in other ways, it continues on long after King Asilas and everyone around him dies. How is this possible? It’s been written that when the Alpha Omega returns to earth, judgment would befall mankind (the living and the dead). From there, a thousand year rule sweeps over the earth, with a Holy theocracy headed by the Christ himself. This idea is largely believed and accepted as Gospel by theologians and Christians worldwide. But what no one has asked (at least no one I am aware of) is what happens after the thousand year rule? Without spoiling the story, I can tell you my imagination lives in the possibilities of “after the thousand year rule.” In fact, if you haven’t figured this out by now, the story is being told by a narrator that isn’t connected to anyone (at least, none we are aware of). Have you noticed the narrator always tells the story in the past tense?

A couple of years ago, I attempted to address this seemingly out of place aspect of the show. How can the narrator be telling the story in the past tense? Simple. The story already happened. So, that means the narrator is in the future. In the short film (that was never produced) titled “The Narrator,” I had intended to bring this aspect to light for King Asilas fans. However, on the advice of others in my circle, I decided against it since there were too many pieces missing to the puzzle and the movie would likely only make sense to fans of the show. So I shelved the idea and will revisit it later.

Which brings me to where this leaves the King Asilas story. I have already produced one film based in the King Asilas world (The Beggar) and am working on a feature film about the king himself. This new movie, titled “Eviscerate,” will feature some familiar characters from the show including Lords Capone and Jackson, Nabal, Queen Rebekah and others. It is, by far, the biggest production I have personally ever overseen. It’s going to be incredible. But this is also one of the major reasons the show has to conclude. In order for me to produce more films (and perhaps even a web series), I will need to dedicate a lot of time and resources. Therefore, producing an audio drama of this caliber cannot be done without dedicating a lot of time to it. There simply isn’t enough time to do all of it.

This may or may not be comforting to die hard fans of the show, but rest assured I am nowhere being done with King Asilas. In fact, I will be producing a season 7 of the show with L.A. Bonet. However, it will be a flashback season, where it is narrated by Princess Monica and the story centers around her. Many of the familiar characters will appear in that season (including the king) because it takes place during the season 1 and season 2 timeline. This seventh season is still in the embryonic stage as I write this blog, so much can change from now to then. At least, fans of the show will know it really isn’t over. From from it.

As for the storyline itself, I have spent much more time on this season than previous ones. Why? It has to end in the most dramatic, epic, memorable way possible. I have really challenged myself as a writer and voice actor to make this final season the best in the world. I have no intention of disappointing the fans of the show. An absolutely incredible ending is my promise.


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